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Average Home Theaters

Last week I showed you some of the most outrageous home theaters in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This week I'll show some of the more average home theaters in cost alone. For cheaper setups, they all still look great.

Our home theaters are usually starting at $15,000. That may be a lot for some people, but that includes a projector, screen, and speaker system. There's more that you can add to the setup, but that's the minimum. The other option would be using a TV and soundbar, which is much cheaper but is known as a media room rather than a theater.

Let's check out some of the average home theaters.


average home theater

This theater has the basic setup (projector, screen, and audio). However, what makes this one more expensive than the others is the furniture and design. The sound treatment, the lighting, and the seating areas can cost you a few tens of thousands more.


average home theater

This theater belongs to Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Comfortability was a priority when choosing the furniture for this theater. This is one of the most tone-downed home theaters, specifically for a celebrity, but the most expensive one on this list. This theater includes a projector, a screen, and in-ceiling speakers.

3. STADIUM SEATING - $20,000

average home theater

This is a DIY theater. It includes a Panasonic projector, an unnamed screen, several speakers at the front and back, and in each seat, four chairs, as well as a universal remote control.
Home Stratosphere


average home theater

This is Enrique Iglesias's Miami Beach home theater/media room. There's a large TV at the front rather than a projector screen. The larger TV designed for a home theater look can cost a few thousand dollars. The furniture and audio system would be the rest of the cost.


average home theater

This is another technical media room with the TV in the front, previously owned by Britney Spears. The cost of the TV to be similar enough to a projector, the seating, and the audio setup equals the cost of this room.


average home theater

If turning your living room or an extra room into a basic media room is something you're interested in, check out this setup. You can purchase a decent OLED TV with the Dolby Amos soundbar set and have an awesome movie-watching setup for a pretty cheap price.
Gear Patrol

If any of these interest you, give us a ring or fill out our contact form. We can get you a media room set up for less than $10,000 or a home theater starting at $10,000. Don't let the cost of a sweet setup stop you. There's something for all budgets! Check out our services page and see some of our options or check out our home theaters page.

Other Credits: Luxury Launches